I'm a weird little dude

I know once you said it I'd have no chance with you

but I'm going to try anyway

Whay? because Im lonely and afraid.

That doesn't make sense you say? Is it supposed to?

I think youre the weird one, but Id never say it.

I loathe rejection.

So I'll while away the suns and moons in my virtual world

pretending to be someone that matters

Unfortunately that fails, but I'm not a quitter.

Not anymore, anyway.

I'm skittish around failure, timid around hate,

thats why I talk about it so much.

They say familiarity breeds contempt, but I think it might be the opposite.

I wanna be more palatable to you guys, bur I really dont know how.

Maybe I'm just a terrible artist.

Ah, the doldrums of self doubt.

It welcomes me with open arms, a shoulder to why on.

Will I ever escape?

So what if I like a girl who thought I was gay?

So what if I think it normal to wear shower shoes everwhere?

So what if I dont find it strange to sing at the top of my lungs in Wal-Mart?

SO what if none of this is real?

SO what if I'll never get out of here,

this menagerie of the strange and confused?

So what if I shun the creator?

Does he care?

Does anyone? Dont lie to me.

There I go again.

Losing the game.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pretending to be an artist. I'm such a loser

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Don't ever lose your weirdness

Mr. poofs, sensative men don't have much of a place in this nation, usually being labled as gay.  Like men are not supposed to feel, or get in touch with their feminine side.  Be unique, just like everyone else.  Yeah thats an oxymoron.  But once you realize its the practice of pain and how you wield yours is what can make you great or bad.  Just do your thing sir the only way you know how.  :)  It will be great if that is the intention, I do believe.  Take Care Mr. Poofs 

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haha yeah, it was weird.

haha yeah, it was weird. Apparently I talk gay. I didnt even know that was a thing. But whatever. Thanks for readin and commenting man.

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At least I can understand you.

Ill leave it at that.


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Yay! Thats all I ever wanted.

Yay! Thats all I ever wanted.

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Pretend is the pretense  to

Pretend is the pretense  to tend... 


We are all pretending until a popular voice honours us with a title some fluke on a whim placed in a position to write history books. 


The best are a head of their Time and discovered after a life of obscurity labelled as madness. Hugss


So,  I too like to sing at the top of my lungs in a shopping centre I dance too. And I wear workout clothes everywhere. Care factor zero. Be you its all were qualified to be. 

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's life SIMS, but not as we know it" - ¡$&am

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Hmm, very true and wise

Hmm, very true and wise words. Posthumous fame is a bit too common for my liking. Its really not fair. And theres nothing wrong with a lil public serenade.