Useless Superhero

They can all hear my thoughts

I'm broadcasting loud n clear

lies are all I've got

after running all these years

I'm a useless superhero

rotting away with time

I'm stuck in the land of me, oh

I wont stop your crime.

I've overslept again

breaking promises I just made

I was listening to djent

following the mocking shade

They can feel all my sorrows

weighing me down, so heavy and thick

sometimes I feel my powers are borrowed

sometimes I feel its all just a trick

I'm a useless bringer of law

foiled again by my enemies

theyve escaped unharmed, to quick on the draw

sapping my strength, my energies

They can hear the voices

that run amok inside my head

forcing me to make bad choices

theyre all laughing when they find me dead.

I'm a useless champion

of all the good my father embodied

all the bad guys bellow and run

when they hear my greatest folly.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm a flaming telepath

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It is sad I had to

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Youre OK poofs.

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Aw its not sad, Its good! Ima

Aw its not sad, Its good! Ima check somma your stuff out real quick