Evil demons now control my life

Youre dead; youre gone forever.

Nothing I do can reverse

the flow of this dirty river.

Now my only hope is to traverse

this calculated legal system

that has me so hopelessly ensnared.

I know I'll always miss him

Because I know he truly cared.

Who will walk her down the aisle?

Who will spoil my childeren?

I've yet to walk so many miles

without my closest of kin.

I'm so sorry for what I did.

I regret it everday.

I knew I was sick,

that my hands were tied, throat was flayed.

I just wanted to make you proud.

Can't that be enough?

I wanted to stand out from the crowd,

to show that I was tough.

In the end, however, I was broken.

Unable to stop the madness

that made my life so trite, so token,

so filled with crushing sadness.

Here I'm reminded of my mistakes

reflections in a cracked mirror

I wish it was my life the gods decided to take;

I'm really not a killer.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im sorry dad. Fittingly listening to Sea of Madness by Maiden.

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