Final Solution

(C)  Kill them all, its the final solution

       Getting ready for this new revolution

       Purify the world

       Men, women, children, every boy and girl (x2)

(V1) Brainwash, dishonest, lies, and deciet

        Show the masses who's flawed

        Prejudiced against, because of belief

        Hail your leader, like hes a God

(V2) Treating our brothers, like they're our foes

        Follow the leader, the boss

        You're going down, we'll catch you, you know

        We'll do anything no matter the cost


(V3) Blamed, for each and every mistake

        Everything wrong in our lives

        Death and destruction, left in our wake

        Our only triumph is with your demise

(V4) Only the race of perfection shall live

        Point the finger at you

        There nothing to do, nothing to give

        When everyone's dead, then we'll start anew


Author's Notes/Comments: 

purify the fucking, not really.  this is about hitler and his "final solution"

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Marina Olevsky's picture

this is so great, you don't even know. i tried singin it and i gotta say im 2 steps off from handin over the crown of lyrix... lol, it kix.
luv, Marina