A Part of Me

I feel that my soul has been shed and lost

Though nothing do I feel but hate and pain

Behind my back, unjustice and I'm crossed

Cannot wait for this life to end in vain

So many things but nothing can I do

No hope for me, nothing to do but wait

Stuck in time and space, cannot get through

Stand in line and wait to meet with fate

Seems like yesterday I longed to live

Images and words before my eyes

Now the time has passed and they have dimmed

Falling deeper with each and every lie

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i dont know . . .

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Jes's picture

So, for a guy who claims to not know how to write, you're amazing. I must say, i'm very very impressed I didn't know you were so... deep. I love the last stanza of this poem the most, I don't know why, I just do. I also like the switched verb thing u did the 'can i do' and 'do i feel'
maybe ill critique other stuff later
bye babe