She has little hands

they hold my heart and soul encased

As the sun goes down--A kiss to mark its farewell

Moonlights a path over the ocean- I dare you to come walk with me over to Europe

Where you drown in fine wine, and wake up with our child in your tummy along with the expensive chocolates from the night before

Yet now you must be content

Now on this squeaky pier, among the men of fishers

In the pale light we exchange our vows "I love you", "I love you more"

Suds wash away the salt and sun

Kisses and caresses wash away the doubt

As candles burn, so do we

We lay joined together as one being, each othrs souls pulled in

As tongues caress, sex is joined, sleep cannot be forsaken any longer, die the little death, romeo and juliet laying lifeless in our naked embrace

Morning comes, forbidden whispers.............

Gather ye all

To the top of the ceiling, gaze on down, the floor has become the new sky, she looks up so lovely

It's as if you died or the whole world has been a lie

She makes the world still.............. and my heart restless, floating so free, so high, with grace for you and I







Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Someone very special to me!!!!!!!!!!!! someone that unlocke the door and made me love again :)

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