Caprianna Bella

This should be hard, be so forbidden

Yet this time its easy-there is not a boundry to cross

Natural-so much so it is the only thing that does still makes sense in the world

The first kiss of many--a first few droplets of passion embracing each other in the light that fades in and out of the room.

Drops become constant flows as I pull you near and without warning a massive food of excess consumes us both

Known each other for years yet as I gaze down on to you looking up at me I see you there for the first time

Your black hair effortless slips through the cracks of my fingers while holding your face in a caress, lips presses down

The fairness of your skin-once confined to holding hands and flirtatious accidental bumps-gone gone- you are mine now and we are one as we lay here as the light fades in and out of the room

A kiss goodbye and hands held together that are in a league forever to let go of each other as we go back to our lives that won't quite satisfy for the years to come.

The novels are made of these, we live a dream and in it

We laugh

We love

We burn

And before we fade--lets hope it becomes a common thing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The best thing that came from my DC internship

You would think no one that passionate would be working at C-SPAN

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