Oh you say that there is greatness in the brishkness of the new day.

Oh you felt that there are no new places to go that will be undone and flung aside

Oh you say there is nothing left to love and no one left to give your heart to

Oh you are not really there anymore and you are not really there, that your soul has all but dissapeared

Oh how I long to grab you and hold you near and tell you to stop, just stop fighting and become still

Oh to feel you softness, and to feel your hair caress my fingers as it dangles

Oh how to look at your eyes and see what I love in this world as i forsake all others

Oh to see how feel your lips part briefly as we kiss and consime each other

Oh I am a Shattered soul but in the darkeness a fire erupts and I dare to pass throught the flames

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Someone that mattered, someone that I loved and someone that I still do

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