A Place to Say Goodbye

Through and Through the time passes by and she lays there in her bed with her furry companion to keep her safe from the bad and the awful. Although when she rises she walks outside which in her head is her own kingdom with endless wonder.

She is preparing to leave her kingdom, the gates are closing, the  ballroom is getting dusty and the crown jewels are begining to tarnish.

Here in her kingdom she is saying goodbye

Can we possibly give her the same courtesy? Can we be that brave?

In your brief rule in your kingdom, she has reigned with all the grace and skill that many subjects will come to remember in the years to come.

In the end was God being mean or just realizing that maybe we arent meant to view such a beautiful person

This beautiful person that we met in the place that you say goodbye in.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to Caitlin Dolaghan, who is dying of a tumor in her pulmonary artery from years of fighting bone cancer. I wasnt sure if I beleived in miracles anymore but she makes me realize that you have to cherish what time you have left. if anyone reads this please pray for her

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