I'll Tell You Something

I'll tell you something

Something that is as true as yourself

I know the pain that makes you feel alone

The need to stand on the pedestal and to feel what is real in your heart and soul, to become a goddess of purity and a piece of a puzzle that completes another's soul

The emotional baggage that holds you down by all those deemed unworthy to really see the real you but I see the real you

Why cry when one suffers from bliss at your glance and why die when you are one of the few flickers of light that provides any warmth to the world

I'll tell you that you are nothing short of the kindest heart, the most immaculate soul

The silk-like features of your skin radiate in the moonlight and is only eclipsed by your eyes that burn a hole through my unpure soul yet still holds me like I was a new creature washed of my crimes.

I'll tell you this that if I have ever loved, or tried to love

For your hand in mine I would fight both man and spirit

Rise up against heaven, I blindly obey for you are my heaven and my haven to immortality

I'll tell this confession, for all is conquered as a gesture for your soft hand that once slipped through my fingers and nothing will be the same until it is where it should be

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