A Warm Touch From A Cold Hand

During childhood when all was possible and the magic flourished he kept me company sometimes showing himself from time to time

During the teen years he inspired me to strive for great and terrible things during the age of beauty and invincibility by endless evil deeds as we strode across the ballroom floor weightless while the world engulfed in flames outside the crystal walls

During adulthood we see ourselves just as awful although more refined, dignified, and civilized

Now the invincible has a weakness, the time has come to pay for the evil deeds and the dance is over because the clear floors are smeared in fingerprints

Then a familiar touch, a sweet caress, and a whisper that the end is in fact no where in sight

Prints can be wiped off, a new dance is to be lived out

More experience is there to be used, and the charms are dangerous in their deceptions and cruelty

It was raining hard that day and he was beginning to look and act alot like Elvis

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