Oh! The Horror!!!!




                 Edward Iacona



It’s Halloween time once again and

There’s the question some parents fear.

As their children are may surely ask,

What shall I go as this year?


The standard fare of witches and Ghosts

Have become very cliché you know

And even vampires and zombies

Have movies or a T.V. show


One can’t go as a bum or hobo

That does not show them respect.

A fierce Indian is also taBOO.

It is now not politically correct.


A proper Halloween haunt takes a unique knack.

If one wants a sweet snack for their tummy

As even a little kid knows the plain fact

That no one will want their mummy.


Now going as a terrorist

Might be an idea that’s hot           

But, who would want to give one treats

And it might just get one shot.


A mysterious visitor from outer space

With a little odd twist because

Who would refuse an alien treats when

It’s holding a GREEN CARD in their claws.


So, if your child comes to you

With this annual costume question;

I will submit this rather simple idea

For a fine costume suggestion.


What is needed is a genuine monster

That is blood thirsty, ruthless and cruel.

A creature that is nasty and vicious

And has the morals of a true life ghoul.


Just put them in a nice dress or suit

With a briefcase to take on their journey

And they will comeback with it full of goodies

Going trick or treating as an attorney.


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