Ha Ha Ha

I'd like us all to shut down all thinking at this time except your brains ability to read and understand. Take your soul away from yourself, pretend your God the creator of all existance.  

Now question everything you created.

Now bring your soul back down inside your body and try to view the world seriously.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We shall be fearless,
Enjoy life to the fullest,
Yet be united and kind to eachother. Keep our options open dream and dream until we awaken from our conscious.

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Catherine Collins's picture

Hmm, seems to me that you're a little fixated on this whole outer body experience, you seem like the type of person that would look up astral projection and actually try it, good luck on that and oh also the porn industry

mothaiwant2's picture

U Must be mature and filled

U Must be mature and filled with Wizdom for all the mad children.. You brain chemicals must be so balanced that your blind to your own projectiling conscious.. I bet I have more college degrees and education than you have

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

I really like this a lot!