Hacking into the system of instinct

Notice when your sub-consious or inner instinct senses utter confusion, it trys its best to delete that thought from your brain.(The ability to ignore incomplete thoughts, without being tormented by them.)Now the part that I am stuck at is if this is an in-born instict, then maybe there is  reasoning behind lifes confusion, like we  are purposley not supposed to know something. Besides that I believe that most people aren't even aware that the sub-consious is doing things without permission from your conscious.  Only when you can reconize these situtations will we be able to learn how to stop them, and therefore expanding our perception and altering our conclusions. For example; How can people get embarrassed about something?  For all we know we may never even learn to understand existance or ever again awaken reimbursed with our present informtion. There must be something else to it other than ignorance.  I believe that instincts and emotions or feelings(love, guilt, or your conscious releasing anxioty in order to scare you away from a situation, ext...) hold some sort of hidden messages to the sacred secrets of lifes puzzle.  These are some of the few things that humans do without thinking about or questioning it. For example you might  think of why you love the person, but not think about why you "love" in the first place. Was it created in your head by you from observation? Or is it from a force that influences upon you unknowingly?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will not remember, do da doo do, doo doo da doo. OH no babey! I am a child memory flash-back! hahaha ah ha!

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