Please read.


The beginning lines to my poetic movie.

Step out of your body and soul.

Now become an impartial witness to your own experience.

Now you are judging yourself on your judgments

Think about how many erroneous assumptions you just made.

Now clamp your teeth as hard as you can,

Straining; wind up your frustrated hate.

Stretch your red bitter eyes to the point of agonizing revenge

Feel the body start to shake with pure anger.

Adrenaline shoots into your locked jaw,

Your bodies inflated strength pumps the heart faster and faster...

Open your voice and scream demons until you feel pain!

Now claustrophobic and sweating,

We breath in long threw our nose


Releasing from the gates of sin

Now we are ready to begin

Lets all relax now….

Close our eyes and open all doors,

Breathe rich; for which the air is divine.

We are warm, spacious, and just fine

My brain begins to numb,

Flouting on clouds the gravity slows it down,

The nerves disconnect while the mind falls into a deep dreamy relief.

I now feel complete utter relaxation,

Pure comfort straight from heaven

The soft whispers carry the angles that refine evil

Sanitizing the soul into a fresh scented baby

Now listen without thinking.....

(Now state all my writings).

(Then use this line as the closer).

Now that your mind has been expanded by a new idea, can you ever return to your original state?

Every piece of existence can be broken down into a never-ending story.

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Catherine Collins's picture

I apologize, I just couldn't read it, the first two lines is as far as I got, I believe your poetic movie is more of a porno, so good luck in the adult entertainment industry

Nell B's picture

this is awsome. and you wrote this on my birthday when absoultly everything seemed to go down the shitter and i went crazy being that i was alone all day, and i was also chased by a mutant cockroach, but thats not really important, so anywayse, i really like your writing so keep it up