Only Fantasy

How would you like to see?

An end to catastrophe,

Here the children play,

Here I can say,

Everyone can stay,

With the birds and the Bees,

We’ll live happily,

In my child-like fantasy,

So come on down,

To my born-again town.

Some things should not be questioned.

Ignore what you see,

Close your eyes,

Inject the lies,

Listen to me,

Let life be,

No more curiosity,

Only fantasy

On his death-bed,

The old man said,

He was wrong,

In his life-long song,

He told me to not take life so seriously, relax and let the smile of the child awaken.

If you can’t find your place in life,

Come with thee to a dream a beautiful fantasy.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't try to figure out life's confusion anymore. Give yourself back the imagination you had when you were a child.

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