A Town of Adventure


In a town in the hills of New Jersey,

We see,

We hear,

We listen,

To the animals waking us up.





Are just some of the animals this town offers.

History is made every day,

While we treasure them on the lakes.

So many lakes were formed in this town,

Where we fish,

Walk in the winter,

Or just lay on the beach.

A town of hope,

For many would say,

Is just the beginning of a new frontier.

Our founders thought this only be a town of summer,

But soon after it became a town of living.

It is a town for the summer,

Where we go swimming in the pools or lakes;

But it can also be a town for the fall where we worship the changing colors of the leaves;

It can also be a town for the spring,

Where we see the flowers and trees bloom;

And it can also be a town for the winter,

Where the snow shines into the eyes of the hills.

This town is called just for the name itself,

But it is a town we truly call home.

August 31st, 2008

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