To Vent



“To Vent”


With all this going, I would love to speak my word,

Not only to conservatives, but to liberals, extremist, etc.

I would love to speak my mind on all that it is happened,

But I cannot.


I want to voice my opinion

But I cannot.


I cannot because I have always stayed neutral on Facebook (and other Social Media platforms) and not get myself into politics ever.


Although my profile does say my political party,

Several of my friends and family know what Party I belong to

They know what direction,

But I cannot.

I cannot express myself,

I cannot insult,

I cannot target,

I cannot attack,

I cannot protect,

I cannot hate,

I cannot safe.


But I can help,

I can rebuild,

I can assist help,

I can support those in need,

I can stay positive,

I can rejoice,

I can love.


I can help with what ever need is possible in order to bring justice for the safety of the human race.

We are united,

We are love,

We are a symbol,

We need to provide,

We must lead by example,

We must accept for who we are,

We must watch our surroundings

We must help each other,

We are one.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Want to share something I wrote the other day in regards to recent events... not everyone knows how to express themselves. Many voice out to Social Media, Family, the Streets etc. I don't to it much because I try to keep my Political Views away from any of my Social media as much as I can since I have people on both sides on views and I try not to offend any of them. I may not agree what they have written, but I respect their friendship (since they are family or people I grew up with since grade school/high school)... so I decided to "vent" out in a short poem/essay version of my thoughts. I hope everyone enjoys it

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