I didn't write about my last partner's suicide

Nor the fact that he shot and killed his dog

As well as our 5 month old pup

before he turned the gun on himself


He had called me after we split

Which happened months after

he hit my face with his palm

My bloody nose wrote that song

As he burnt my art that was on my wall


I got the call after the show

They told me he'd done it

I still don't know

As I saw people who knew

They had seen him in truth

5 weeks after they said he was blue





(I just can't finish writing this truth)




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will probably delete this.

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Don't delete it. This is your

Don't delete it. This is your voice, morningglory. It don't have to rhyme or be what you think it should. It's a part of you and it's real and touching. You have a lot to say. Don't stop saying it.

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Thank you, Cascade. I will leave it as it is. 

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well i am sorry to hear all

well i am sorry to hear all that stuff,but you seem to be talking about it,maybe that`s a good sign

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The past several years was kind of like a psychological thriller. I use humor as a coping tool. Plus gratitude. Because even in the depth of it, I always knew...this story was prewritten. I'm just living it through. 

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sad either way,life is not

sad either way,life is not what it`s cracked up to be

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Well dearest, glad you made

Well dearest, glad you made it out

or you might have been his victim too

Sorry for the loss 

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I am grateful

To be still alive. However broken I remain inside. 

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