A lunchbox unitar

Most sought after lunch

Stringed only once

To be played 

Not by fingers

Instead a slide glass


Waiting their turns

White elephant eyes

Hoping that instrument

Would stay in their lives


Laughter was had

Making all glad

As we watched each contender

Take another grab

To keep her








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bishu's picture

Was it a stringed lunchbox ?

Was it a stringed lunchbox  ?? Puzzling post. Merry Christmass & HNY2020



Morningglory's picture

Oops. I caused confusion. ;p

A one stringed guitar iz called a unitar. 


Merry happy holidays!

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Cascade's picture

This one had me puzzled. It

This one had me puzzled. It was the title because I know Unitar to be a group that supports the UN agenda 2030. Did you mean guitar? The poem feels like a childhood school memory of an instrument. Or... maybe..Unitar means group instrument? Ya, I get it. Lol   I'm a little slow.   This review is the out loud crazy of my mind hahaha

Morningglory's picture


A unitar is a one stinger guitar. This one was made from a tin lunchbox. Super cool piece. Meant to be played with a glass slide. Everybody coveted it. The gift was stolen several times during the exchange. Made for many laughs. 

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