you fucked me over


standing atop the mountain I've just climbed

I peek over the edge 

how far I have come

it has a view I am unable to comprehend 

thoughts turn to freedom

my grasp slowly slipping 

your loss had consumed me

unable to look any where but down 

slippage is all I have as you walk up behind me

a kiss and your cock pressed against me

i thought you were over me?

i thought I was over you?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

second chances. dont take them all.

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Lol? Don't ou just hate when

Lol? Don't ou just hate when that happens? A few typos my sweet I'm sure many should be any where button hey what ever floats your boat? ;) I like it, just when you think you're over someone and can manage then boom! It's the as loud as it ever was! Nostalgia has aloft to answer for! Hugss my loveliness xo

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