East to West

We looked like kin

and you were so beautiful

here lies the problem

or illness

coming and going

usually staying

holding intimacy hostage

it took months for us to look into each others eyes

to give enough of ourselves to allow that

we were in Wyoming when that happened after all

a few break-ups and a pregnancy-scare later

we decided to really see ourselves

you enjoyed my doubt

you seemed happiest when I felt mad

sprinting in circles of psycho-babble and bad math

I loved your forgiveness

you relished the shame

bad girl, bad pet, you owe me now

I'm with-holding longer this time

there was nothing wrong with either of us

there still isn't

you think there is because the tonic of the past month of hell hasn't worn off yet

you've got the spins and you're sick

I wish you'd pass out

wake up dehydrated and hungry

with a headache and let me nurse your hangover

that won't happen

not this side of the Mississippi

you drove off with one brake light out and I don't think I'll see you again

this is probably best

this was never a good decision

and those are the kind I tend to make lately

however, expensive and sloppy the style and delivery

I am sorry

That's a good decision right now,


to be sorry

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Really like it. KS

Really like it.


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Thank you!

Thank you!