Down Below

Falling down below,
See things from time ago.
Wanting to glide across the sky,
Like that eagle from endless time.

Seeing things from down below,
Makes me relize what I lost long ago.
Caring, love and friendship galore,
These are the things I want to walk through the door.

Seeing that I relize more,
I could have stopped that but I did nothing more.
It slipped through the cracks,
Never coming back till last.

Now Im here once again,
Feeling things I lost there and then.
Knowing it back here and now,
Wanting to tell what I found out but how?

Falling here I think to myself,
I could have stopped it but I didn't know how.
I wish I knew, What I know now...

Paige Sneath©

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omg i love this one probably my fave :) ur so talented and this is so amazing and inspiring. it makes me think of the saying live like you were dying :P ur good very good

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