Crooked Cops

Guns shots clears out a whole block.
While the crooked cops robbing the drug dealers.
They not protecting the people from the feeble.
That badge is see through I know what's true.
I'm interested in being a law enforcement officer and seeing them crooks.
Makes me work even harder to replace the fakes.
It's armageddon on the innocent but peace and harmony for the guilty.
A police officer raped a girl named Janette.
Now he out of jail he visit hell for a brief period now he roam the streets as you and me.
Don't this as me bashing the law I love to be a cop.
But when my city bleeds because of a crooked badge.
I get very mad and I love to give respect back to the real officers.
Thanks for protecting my family and me.
Like they always say every tree has a bad apple.
Take this world for example good and evil not everyone is the same.
For the best or for the worst....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seeing some officers behave that way is unacceptable. No it's unacceptable for anyone to do so no one is held at a special standard we're all human.

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Greed and power. The two

Greed and power. The two biggest flaws of humanity.

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true and true...

True greed and power a combination that effected our nation.

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