What Love Got To Do With It?

I see you puckering up your lips lending in for a kiss.
But answer me this how you can ever love me when you don't love yourself.
I see your self inflicted misery all over your arms.
Each cut symbolizes the times you cried.
If you need a set of ears I'm your guy.
If you need a guide don't log online and rant.
Run outside and chant the theme of happiness.
To surpass this troublesome road you'll get better with practice.
Don't listen to these magazines beauty is affected by your actions.
Not all these products can cover up the fact you're a product of a tarnish family tree.
Help me help you to get through your problems.
Before you love anything else you must love yourself.
If you don't then what love got to do with it?
Might sound stupid but just do it I promise life will run more fluid without the confusion.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Message to the ladies can't love anything if you don't love yourself.