In These Arms Of Mine

I want to embrace you in these arms of mine as we stand in this field of love.
While the millions of doves flies above symbolizing our love.
And it's rough when we have to face brief departure.
I want to be forever beside you through your illness and health I'll be there.
Protect you from life's constant terror and if harsh reality won't let us create a pleasant dream.
We'll still dream forever!
Still smiling while our complicated lives gets better.
I don't listen to others when they try to taint the love that we have for each other.
I'd stutter when you wanted to be my girlfriend I couldn't understand.
I thought I was going to die a lonely man during that rough state my life was in.
I'm not going to pretend my passion for you.
Because this love I got is true.
Now let's smile for time you're wrapped in these arms of mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Taking a break from writing the harsh realities now I'm focus on the pleasant dreams hope you enjoy!