The Dream Works

Who ever knew I'll grew into a linguistics magician.
I'd worked hard to get into proper position to commence my lyrical living with poetic sentences.
Making wise decisions to avoid a massive collision.
Fighting my adversaries with my penmanship for I can avoid prison.
No such thing is self defense on this twisted rock we dwelling in.
But I continue moving in with my family and friends like we're journeymen on a hunt for gold.
The gold I seek is not gold just a golden opportunity to accomplish a life long dream I been chasing since I was ten.
After I captured the moment I'm high tailing it back to Carolina.
To tell my mother and grandmother it's time to recline no more 9-to-5.
Just good times of living fine.
No more crying family tears went away like a drought in the desert.
I must to thank you all for properly placing your trust in my work to meet success and I'm halfway in my teenage years with no regrets.
I'm much sure I'll pass that test.
Don't need a cheat sheet I got the ability to overcome any adversity.
Not going to be easy but nothing in life is easy.
I just got to give my all or just fall.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

30th poem I just want to continue writing expand my mind