Monte's World

I welcome you to my world a place of diversity and rhyme!
You'll find stories of success and tales about how society will prevail!
I also wrote about my personal hell and doubt was my hell.
I escaped it and now I'm the architect of my destiny.
And I will not forget to thank the people who helped me.
My family, teachers and friends.
I thank you for your time and expanding my mind.
Now I'm here on the frontline fighting for mankind!
Keeping hope alive!
No it's not pride just a fire inside!
I want to help everyone with my speech want you all to keep pushing til the destination is reached.
Doesn't matter if you got through clean or just off the grit of your teeth.
Complete the dream avoid the harsh reality.
Because reality is wrong and dreams are for real.
Wise words from Mr. Shakur follow a goal and doors will open eventually.
Please believe it this is the season of succeeding and winning!
Welcome to my world a place where I remain believing in a dream.
Do the same for yourself build your own world then help the real world with your poetic words!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I welcome you to my world and you welcome me to your world!