Humanity's Soldier

I'm walking in the shadows of death.
Each step I take is a huge relief.
Soo much weight taken off of my shoulders.
Yet it gets even colder when I get closer and closer.
I must maintain my composure in this cold war because I'm a soldier of humanity.
Please don't perceive that last statement as vanity.
Because I know that will damage me to a certain degree.
So believe me I'm just fulfilling my role bringing harmony to the globe.
From Brazil to Israel I'm for real with this great deal of erudition.
Now it's my mission for Earth to listen to my sentences.
Fighting the wicked to stop them from deriving me of my kindred spirit.
Make them witness when we eradicate the unholy wicked.
Not once I'm going to use a gun just my penmanship.
My intelligence is delivering me away from their belligerent behavior.
I got to use my energy when the real enemy shows.
Know why because I'm humanity's soul soldier.
And I don't risk the lives of others why make the whole world suffer.
I rather help now let's pick up ourselves and let's make that first step away from this mess. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this for my new poetry book I'm working on

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