Men Afraid To Be Men

When I say men being afraid to be men.
I mean they don't treat their dear lady as a queen.
They just fiend for sex and step when she passed that pregnancy test.
Now what's left?
A single mother and a baby boy.
See this is the difference between a kid and man.
You suppose to rain joy she deserves your undivided attention.
Not the constant aggregation of making payments.
She working two jobs working extra hard to get out of a bad situation.
And a third job to purchase her son that new PlayStation.
Where is you?
Associating with a crew of middle-aged fools.
I'm telling you this is no longer high school.
This world doesn't care you was apart of the in-crowd.
Because right now your moniker is nothing.
Society's new rule you either swim or drown.
And you fell fifty feet deep.
Thought you was drowning your sorrows.
In reality you're drowning yourself.
Bringing shame to the name of man.
It's horrible to see men not being men.
Ladies don't pretend you want a king who'll forever treasure you.
And is never embarrass to be seen with you.
My final words is stay true to you and not for some fool.
Don't worry about a deadbeat Ms and just keep moving through.