Diversity City Pt One

Yo I can't sit back and let these communities bleed.

This rock we call earth is in a incredible need.

Got kids ready to hit the streets and starting holding heat.

But their too afraid to be unique or coming back to school and getting a G.E.D.

Please don't be another statistic be your own boss never an assistant.

Keep your distance from these demons in our existence.

Their being surrealistic I'm more realistic about making a difference.

But still the media protray my appearance as a sinister image.

Ridiculing me for my diversity commitment.

I wonder why this world afraid of something different.

Why we kill another man all because of the color of his pigment.

Or belittle a group because of their religious decision.

I'm shock of this era of hate we slipped in we took things too far.

Now we stuck in the deep but Diversity City refuse to give in


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this in class when my teacher told me to write on what's on my mind.

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And this is what was on your

And this is what was on your mind huh? Well my friend, you've just summerized our situation in this here time and space! Keep writing! You're works are destined to be read by many :)