A man once told me "Never overindulge in anything".

Oops I'm six feet deep in a dream!

Sorry I didn't take heave of what you speak..

Please forgive me for my hardheadedness.

Have faith in me to be the best I can be.

And I believe everything in my dreams it will happen.

Just imagine people saying "Monte you've finally made it happen!".

But I fell back down from cloud nine onto my spine.

I'm back in reality and it sickens me to see how far off I seem to be.

I need to clear my head with new scenery.

Because the same old scenes is killing me.

People in my class passing  judgment on me.

Saying "Monterio you'll never see the t.o.p".

But accordingly I'm moving up gracefully.

So I'm chasing down my dreams there's no stopping me!





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just hearing don't fall into my dreams inspired me to write this! And I'm never quitting my dreams!

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A beacon of hope!!!

A beacon of hope!!! Awesome!!!! Go get your dreams!!!! Can't wait to see how high you'll climb XD