Chelsey ~ Love & Meth.

The moon is nice. It’s bright tonight. It reminds me of when you set my room alight. 

Chelsey if you can hear, I’m not trying to hurt you. Or trying to betray you. I’m calling out to you.

You’re the warmth the ignition to my life. I hope these words resonate to you. I hope my words bring my love to you. Because what has happened to you, is a beautiful tragedy. My heart is shattered, as you inhale. The crystal that you smoke just numbs the pain, it doesn’t make it go away. I know the world around you, I’ve seen it all before. But chelsey dear, can’t you please just don’t do it anymore?

All I’m saying is, come back to life. Send me a kiss, a heart on my door. All I want is you to come back. You’re not a whore.

This love you have for her isn’t real.
You’re only saying it because you’re far away
Far gone away.
Your trip has only began
But your time is running out.

Chelsey, chelsey. Come back to me. You don’t deserve to live in such agony.

—  my will to live, my beating heart, your fingers intertwined. 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Please come home.

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This makes me think about how

This makes me think about how many people in my life have suffered as a result of crystal meth binges... Truly it is a fuel for desire but has no substance