Pink Asylum

I'm ankle deep in mirky dark water.
A filth that grows higher and higher ever day.
Constantly scrubbing and feeding a never ending yearn to feel clean
It never comes.
The water turns pink, as slimy threads weave their magic
and wash away all the empty promises that were never kept.
I step out, open up and watch as eggshells trail behind me, even here....
My sudden departure from my asylum screams betrayal
The hot air hits me, the cold wasn't enough.
Instant tightness form and a mask appears.
I watch as it cracks, weeps and bleeds.
Surely it must be leakage, pouring from within myself.
Flakes of deception fall toward the ground, as I peel them each away.
Some small and shallow, others long and deep.
The absence is felt at once and so is the bite.
With time, I grow immune to venom, but every once in a while I feel that old familiar sting.
And as the poison seeps through, my mind wanders back to that murky pink asylum.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A fight with a friend, my past, my lover, and myself.

Written 7/29/2011 4:50 pm

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A great read, a lot of feelings and reflection.