Fabel Embraced

Long, Deep, Ago

When The Night was like the sun

trapped in a mirror, a portrait of regrets

The battles are finished

Due to the surrendering side

Late, Deep, and Dark

Cold and Sweaty

And weeping at the beauty of the night

Reality kicks in

Now knowing all is lost

and that the door can not be reopned

Mortifying Dreams

Make way for the new era

The first for generations are a lost cause

While pillers fall at the break of day

Against it lay the cause

A fabel against a fantasy

Melting together

A spinning Reality

Out of Control

Far too late

The savoir is gone

Love well on its way

The destiny is known

Despite what it may be

Do what others can not see

Caught up in a desert rose

Running at the thought of never coming home

The shore dims

All is understood and accepted

Darkness no longer feared

But Embraced

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Not sure when I wrote it... sometime in January I think

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