He Is My Bleeing Heart

The Speculation of the minds eye

The approach of a physe

A ghastly deep variety of gifts

That he bestows upon himself

So very alike

So very hard to find differences

A hand from him I've never seen

But for him my flesh was nerley exposed

Every step of the way

I cry for air

And the stregnth he gives me

He alone pushes me to my limits

And forces me to be strong

To him no weakness can be shown

No tear can be reveled

No lies can be a twist

No love can be shared

Without others pain to progress

The secrets that we hold

And the secrets that we share

Beads of blood from our soul

Unknown to who flows more

We carry on...



He is my Bleeding Heart

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this back in January...about Dom ...well...Stacie gave him the nickname "bleeding heart" cause he was having a breakdown..and of corse...I was there for him...

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