Won't Stay Here Alone

Sometimes I cut myself

to see how much it bleeds

Because all of this pain

is a sudden rush to me

I count the blood stains

that lie on top my sleeves

With each deep cut I am relieved

I look up in your eyes

And see you in disbelief

Always a smile on my face

And a sparkle in my eyes

It's time now for a change of pace

It's time to say "Goodbye"

With a flick of my wrist


A quiver of my arm

I slowly start to die

A squeal

"Please don?t leave me"

A scream

"You can?t go"

My vision blackens as your silhouette fades

Your scream now star to echo

"Well I won?t stay here alone"

I feel a tug

As your palm retrieves my Raw savior


Then the ground shakes

Then as a watery substance

Flows toward my skin

You warm hand touches mine

And as I feel our hearts reduce their sweet song

It starts to lag

And all is Numb

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about my friend Leroy...at one point in my life...he was all I had... we don't talk much anymore and that really hurts. But I love him to death

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