She's Just a Misunderstoodshadow

Take this heart of mine

As it spreads it's blackened wings

Teeming with souls

In it's own organic structure

With it?s sudden death

And dying breath

All I am able to do

Is afflict you with the plague

The virgin of malice is

Obscure, uncharted and untamed

You are my devotee

You are my utilization

But don't delay

My fondness of you

Will soon frivol away

In a labyrinth of detest

But I don't do this to watch you squirm

For every time your heart does burn

I feel it too

As all is over


Nothing matters


If I were to end it all here

Both our lives would die

Ending in a grave



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My "theme" poem I worte it about Mostly it reflects my love life...but you can learn a lot about me in it...

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