I go on each day with the pain

The pain of knowing and not knowing

KNOWING that every time you said u loved me

It was a lie

And every time I said it

I ment it

And it was the truth

NOT KNOWING if our love

Our relationship could have made it

Each day it hurts

Hurts when everytime

I'm kissing another guy and

I'm sitting there wishing it was you

No matter what you think

You will never find another woman like me

Who loves you like I do

Even when we soon do part and marriage comes into play

She will never love you the way I do

Or as much as I do

I see you each day

I remember what we had

What we could have been

I see u and I see u see me

I still love u and that's what hurts the most

I feel like a poor helpless child weeping at the beauty of the night

I know I may seem cold and distant

But I don?t mean to be

I just don?t want to injured again

I've cut over you and I've cried over you

See, see how much u make me hurt?

Now imagine how much you could hurt me if we were together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was about 2 of my past lovers...Tony and Brennan...mostly tony tho...

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