Where We Go

I suppose we all have a place

where we somtimes go

When the world becmes too much too bear

and escape is our only choice

some people head to the rooftops

where they can watch the world

unflod below then

other head out far

never to bear eyes

on the sins again

take in the scenery

let the pampering melt away thier worries

but me, I suppose I'm different

When the world becomes too much

and sins too great

I reach a lonely place

My center

its what i need to find my strength

when all hope seems lost

it's what i need to preserve my sanity

in the very insane world

not once has it asked me to leave

or pushed me away

never once has it said im not good enough

when the world get to much

and the defeats of the world too great

I still head to the same place

My unbrideled mind keeps it all locked within

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I worte this almost 2 or 3 years ago...i was cleaning down stairs..in or save boxes...and found a bunch of my old poems!

this one i had posted on the internet...on some other poemy thing...but i forgot..yeah..it was quite popular for some reason tho.

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