I Hate Me

I hate it

I hate everything

Everything goes wrong

And nothing goes right

I hate it

No matter how hard I try

I can never do anything right

I can never do any better

I just keep falling

Falling so fast

And so deep

That I'm in a hole

That I can't get out of

I hate that I cut

Because of that my arm is now callused with scares

And now since I no longer feel the pain

I am forced To cut

Deeper and deeper

But my wrists become numb

And I can see the blood

Dripping off my fingers

But I can't feel the liquid upon my skin

Until it's too late?and it?s turned cold

And although it seems so cold it burns my frozen heart

When I look deep, deep inside

Reflected within the puddle

Of red undying passion

I see the pain

The cause of it all


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Self explanatory

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