Orage Tiled Floor

Demons tear their wretched claws Through the Silken fabric of my soul

With that kiss I bled promises of eternity

But a silhouette in the Twilight Of such solemn inner sorrow That Can not Be spoken of

Coaxed my evil, seduced by the bitter sentiment The knife had given me

Your untrusting love can not Be forgiven

The lamination of your minds eye Sweeps through your heart Caresses your soul

Robs you of your sleep and Drowns you of every other day

Rushing blood, cold steel, darkness

A hurtful sin


As purple painted flowers

Fall Into the pool of blood That I bathe in

Each drop that falls Is the lust I hold over you

Your sweet lips Have touched my skin for the last time

So take my hand And Save me from my dying fate

Tell me you lied And you meant not a word you said

A long over due hug and a meaningless kiss Goodbye

Can not ease my pain After what you said

So make this last one good

Cause from now on I will lie inside myself

On an Orange tiled floor

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this throughout school. I got the title from the choir rooms floor...orange tiled

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