You Need Time

What hurts the most

is the fact that you brag and boast

about how good of a guy you are

and how your ambition will take your far.

You said I had nothing to worry about.

You left me in a dark room clouded with doubt.

Thinking it was me

I checked every flaw I could see.

From my face to my sense of humor

To you was I bothersome like a cancerous tumor?

We started off by holding hands

and discussed future plans.

We cruised all around the sun city.

I can name all the places where you said I was pretty.

We sat on your roof to look up at the sky

to question the universe and ask why?

What force brought us together?

A new beat, a love endeavor.

From one day to the next you crumbled my heart.

That week we spent many days apart.

I thought everything had been going well

At least from my perspective that I could tell.

The only way I can descirbe my pain

is to reference Guns n Roses' song November Rain.

My heart screams along with Slash's guitar solo

notes screeching sadness the sound of a low blow.

You said you needed time.

I panicked because our relationship was in its prime.

It felt too soon for a break.

Let's start over and film another take.

You said it had nothing to do with me

and that was your final plea.

You said you were mad at yourself and the world.

That was when my heart began to hurl.

I knew it was over.

I need luck anything close to a four leaf clover.

A sting of sadness stirs in my chest.

Vibrations I can feel like an earthquake from the west.

Its an up and down like Mr. Big and Carrie.

I'm tired, played too many love games that vary.

I miss feeling your heart beat on my back.

I'd give anything to get us back on track.

You made it clear you do not want me.

I have a feeling your ghost is gonna haunt me.

I can't let you go

but one day I will have to make it so.

Deep inside we knew it wasn't meant to be.

Maybe that is why you decided to flee.

I tried because I wanted you bad.

When I speak about you my voice becomes sad.

Like Andre 3000 once said....

It's a permanent lyric engraved in my head.

"You can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather."

A life/love warning written ever so clever.



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This is both. Beautiful and honest. And I want to thank you so very much for this. It is telling my life right now. Thank you so much.