The Chokehold Stranger

I've entered a scary territory...
One where no one has been there for me
Its cut throat its going for me
Hands around my neck its choking on me

I just need a little air
because I can feel my heart beginning to care.
Is this my cross to bear?
Living my life with a man as a pair?

Why do I see it in a dark light?
Being that I do, it doesn't seem right.
Perhaps I'm coming out of my blind sight
Yet my insticts want to resist the fight.

Imbedded inside are my frantic fears.
They stir up the fire where my heart still sears.
Burned scars still present from the past years.
Painful words still smoking in my ears.

How can I learn to trust,
when my need for reassurance is a must?
With the men in my past, I fell victim to their lust.
Can you chip off all the areas eroded with rust?

Dare I enter this territory again?
Should I choose you to be more than a friend?
A bond that will see us through till the end,
heart to heart an unbreakable mend.

My question is does love exsist?
Whenever I came close to catching it I missed.
Nothing was ever resloved or fixed
Love is still a stranger that has my feelings all mixed.

Again, I'm face to face with this stranger
My subconscious is holding a up a sign reading danger.
I wish it could be as peaceful as Jesus in the manger.
For the longest time I've been a lone ranger.

I'm used to my independent ways,
I liked to roam around like the strays
Living my life freely by the days
No men in my life causing hues of grays!

Do I stand alone or together?
With you...I don't take this lightly as a feather.
I once heard you could plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather.
Do I have what it takes to sail on this love endeavour?

The grip on my throat remains strong.
My honest opinion is I don't want to be wrong.
Maybe I can let you listen to this song,
Maybe opening up with you will make you stay long...

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I really like this poem, Miss

I really like this poem, Miss Marie. It sounds a lot like me...

Copyright © morningglory

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thank you!

I appreciate the feeedback=) love is risky business!