Summing Up Sorry

I need to get up and get out
Because you are leaving me in a moment of doubt.
Lips just popped, puckered in a pout
hook up the gps, renew this route.

Send me to the detour, another direction
You words implanted an ill infection,
strong and hard like an enlarged erection
What happened to this thing we called a connection?

Last night we got embarrassed
We grew alcohol careless.
Angry at each other...this is a rareness,
I felt there was no way up we were lost and stair less.

I'm not the type to publicly display our fights.
The stupid couples that constantly hear the Miranda Rights.
The ones you see on the cheater websites,
When I look at you I see the lights.

I don't want to be your enemy.
I want it to be even like a line of symmetry
The conversations we have bring us both some clarity,
This thing we have going is a diamond, a rarity.

When it comes to love, my vision is blind.
When loves comes around I'm hard to find.
It takes me way back on a mental rewind.
But with you and love, I want to be kind.

That is why I am taking a leap, a chance
I'm learning about this crazy subject titled romance.
Step by step choreography like I'm doing a dance.
Remember I'm on your team, I want us to advance.

When you're mad I will let you walk away
Because if I don't I won't like the words you choose to say
Saying things that I don't want to replay
But now its the morning its a brand new day

I'm happy we worked it out, we know how to talk.
I'm still holding your hand on this romantic walk.
I will be the one you can call your solid rock,
we tend to go together like a shoe to a sock.

I know life isn't perfect and we will fight
I will admit it when I know I'm not right.
We are all we got, each other's light
So lets learn from this and seek a positive sight.

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I really like your work.

I'm really liking your work. This is my first time reading you. :)

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=D means a lot

=D means a lot