Life's Apex

The definition of happiness- the state of being happy; synonyms: pleasure, contentment, satisfaction.
An emotion that lifts you up no subtraction.
Can you visualize this action?
Is it an abstract chain reaction? 
Can you find it in society's mess?
The place where you hear whispers of stress?
I cover my ears because I am blessed. 
I tune it out, throw it out, won't let it digest. 

I glide through life with little fear.
Now... the scars no longer burn nor sear. 
Happiness is having something to look forward to. 
Happiness is you. 

My life now has a purpose. 
We both know we deserve this. 
Your kiss paints my heart the color of bliss.
Your presence is something I never want to miss.

"Happiness is an activity of the soul in accordance with virtue."
Its goodness lasting forever no curfew.
We share an association so strong 
We know it's not incorrect nor wrong.
When I stare into your eyes, 
All of the troublesome feelings that choke me demise.

"Happiness is the art of never holding in your mind, the unpleasant thing that has passed."
For the longest time I was blind.
Happiness opened my eyes.
I respect your knowledge, so wise.
You are God's gift, the ultimate euphoric prize.

I look forward to seeing you.
I look forward to being with you.
I look forward to feeling you 

You are my counterpart. 
You are the owner of my heart.
I will never forgive myself if I tear this apart.
This thought resonated with me right from the start. 

My love for you is so powerful, I cry.
I will be loyal to you till the day I die.

I'm clutching on, white-knuckled to my happiness...
Happiness is having something to look forward to ...
That happiness is you.

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Dang! I would like to learn

Dang! I would like to learn this... Happiness sustained.

enjoyed the read

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Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading! Appreciate the love!!