Abstract Distance

The agony of waiting, anticipating till that moment comes.
It is so important the event should commence with a procession of drums.
Rhythm so loud it echoes to the beach.
Vibrations hit the ocean floor where the sun doesn’t reach.
As I wait for you, my memories take me there.
Back to Cali where we looked at the water, we stared.
The sun blessed us with its rays.
I thought I was in heaven with you for days.
I never imagined something so perfect.
Being with you made my life experience worth it.
This type of love only happens on t.v.
I have to pinch myself because I’m experiencing it in 3D.
The simplest moments are the ones I gravitate to the most.
Like talking in the car underneath a light post.
Listening to our artists throw up inspiring words.
We trip on their wisdom, lines so absurd.
With the engine running, we shared our visions and dreams.
Laughed and cried over several things.
I’m waiting, anticipating for those moments to happen again.
Like drinking a tallboy, cruising around with my best friend.
Physically, we are miles apart
Spiritually, I carry your soul in my heart.
I don’t want to spend another day missing you.
Unfortunately, that’s exactly what I have to do.
I know you too are waiting, anticipating the day we get to touch.
The waiting makes it worth it…a powerful rush.
In the meantime I’ll sit and wait,
Anticipating the phone call from fate.

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