I Think I'll Kill Myself Tonight 

         (Or Maybe Tomorrow)
There are so many reasons to....
Today, I said good-bye to Old Betsy
        A very faithful friend
She died... And I couldn't help her
Just add this to the already  towering pile
My (Over the) Quota of Mistakes
    And Failures, Piling up, like
So much Garbage, threatening
        To topple over onto
   Unsuspecting passers-by 
The Racing thoughts
  The Heavy Moods
   The Feeling of....
     Hurts like Hell !!
I'm trying to find reasons
            Not To....
But I've done the math, and
The Evidence against me
       Is OverWhelming
And maybe, the time for
     Restitution is now
           And Now
     Is always as good 
       A time as any
  Just take some Pills
        Don't worry
      It's all downhill....
        I'm just SO tired
© Mirror_rorriM_2016                       8/1/16  3:21p
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Sassylass's picture


so sorry

so painful.



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Morningglory's picture

In case you're serious...

Please don't do that!! Sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. 

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