I Don't Know How to Un-Love You....

I Don't Know How to Un-Love You....

Not That I want to.....
But my heart, you see,
Is too tender for this world
And I feel everything..so deeply
Life, and my heart feel so fragile
And then, there's .....You
The one person who gets me
Who understands the words
I cannot seem to utter

Some days, the need to see you
Is Mission Critical, Desperate
And I wonder.....
If I'm in over my head
What if she changes her mind?
How badly will her/my heart hurt?
Will I simply stop eating, and
Return to my Cave, my carved-out
    Niche, and slowly pass?
I know not, save for how I feel

I've not cared for another
This deeply, in all my years
And that scares me, as much
       As it enthralls me
My heart will be broken one day
'Cos there's just no other way 'round it
It's inevitable, that's just how the cards 
Will fall in this particular case
And sadly, I'm well aware of this
The Heart wants, what the Heart wants,
But we can't always get what we want 
And besides, this is my choice
although, sometimes I find myself
Wishing otherwise, but really,
There IS no choice
I have to Follow My Heart
Pain or no pain
So, I've no excuses, nor
Rights to complain
I'm doing this all by myself
And it's MY choice
©2016 Mirror_rorriM                      7/31/16  08:01a

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Sassylass's picture


the heart wants what the heart wants.

This was exactly words I said just awhile back.

I lost.

what,why would somebody just split,no goodbye,no explanation,just vanish?

I wish I understood that.

It is definitely haunting me.

aloha,my friend.


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Mirror_rorriM's picture


Cheers Koko. I don't know why someone would do that.