The Aching in My Heart



 The Aching in my Heart

HATE how I feel right now. I hear her voice

Through the door, and it excites me, then it
Causes me to yearn for Her, that Beautiful 
Wonderful Lady who doesn't See her Worth
Lord Jesus, how I ACHE inside for her
Please let something happen, or
Close my heart, take it away
Please, because it
Hurts something awful
I knew going in what would happen, but 
I chose to ignore it. And now, when we aren't 
Able to just talk, my heart feels like it's floating 
In Outer Space, and I can't get to it....
                    I'm LOSING it
My Logical Side is Kickin' my ASS
My other side is Happy, yet Sad
I would treat her like a Queen,
And just LOVE her
It hurts something awful
In my Heart to actually
Care About, Love, and
Long for her from Afar
She's so close, yet so 
Very Very far away from me
            I miss her 
Irony MUST be having a good laugh
Will she come to me?
Does she need me?

As much as I need her ?
Probably not....

Probably all
IF only she could Love me...

And I have to accept it.
     I DON'T want to,
But I must! 
Or else...
I will be in a
Perpetual state of
Loving From Afar
                     If Only....
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Sassylass's picture


I sure get this!

a well stated " hurtful " write.

I've not exactly recovered.



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Mirror_rorriM's picture

Thank you.....

For "Getting" me, first of all, and secondly, for your very honest, heart-touching comment. Cheers!



Sassylass's picture


so vaguely struck this chord.

Sounds like somebody I miss a lot.

my sympathies, darlin'

thanks for your visit to my folder:)


Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



Morningglory's picture

LlllOve this! Great piece of

LlllOve this! Great piece of work. Great evocation of feelings... Got me there. Really diggin your work, mirror.

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